Welcome to Croll’s, Alameda’s oldest pizzeria.  Our ingredients are all-natural, locally sourced, and organic when in season. Our pizza dough and family recipe pizza sauce is carefully crafted from scratch every day. Our family takes great care in everything we serve, because our children and grandchildren eat here too.

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(510) 864-2828

  1. Trumer Pils - Pilsner (Trumer Brauerei)

  2. Anchor Steam - Steam (Anchor Brewing)

  3. Red Death - Imperial Red Ale (Line 51 Brewing)

  4. Hef-D -  Hefeweizen (Alameda Island Brewing)

  5. Cavanaugh Kolsch  - Kolsch (Alameda Island Brewing)

  6. Victory at Sea- Porter (Ballast Point Brewing)

  7. High Plains Drifter - Imperial IPA (Line 51 Brewing)

  8. Brother Thelonious- Abbey Ale (North Coast Brewing)

  9. Pranqster- Golden Belgian (North Coast Brewing)

  10. One Inch Punch- IPA (Line 51 Brewing)

  11. Great White- White Belgian (Lost Coast)

  12. A-Town - Pale Ale (Faction)

Browse our Menu:http://crollspizza.com/Crolls%20Takeout%20Menu.pdf


Our Famous Summertime Margherita is BACK!

Organic HEIRLOOM TOMATOES, fresh garlic and aromatic basil.